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        Reputable Electrician in Manchester

        Manchester Electrician

        PK Electricals are one of Manchester's most reputable electrical contractors. Our electricians have been trading for over 30 years in the Manchester area, so we can guarantee all our projects are completed correctly. All our electricians are highly skilled and qualified so you can be confident when you call us that you will receive a top quality service.

        Reliable Electrician in Manchester

        We are totally dedicated to providing you with the highest quality materials and the best installation procedures. We pride ourselves on our high level of integrity and honesty. You will always get good value for money from us - we guarantee it. If you are looking for a reliable electrician in Manchester, look no further. We are a family owned electrician company that has a huge customer base and an outstanding reputation for reliable electrical work in Manchester.

        electricians manchester
        kitemark approved electrician manchester

        Because we charge low prices for electrical work in Manchester, it doesn't mean that the service is not high quality. We are one of the most reputable electricians in the Manchester area and have been trading over 30 years. We are NIC EIC Approved Contractors and Domestic Installers, which means we are qualified to undertake any electrical work in Manchester, either domestic or industrial. The bottom line is we will give you a low price for high quality electrical work - real value for money!

        electrician quotes Manchester

        PK Electrical Services are dedicated to providing you with the best electrician service in Manchester. We use the highest quality materials and safest installation procedures. We have a high level of integrity and no-nonsense attitude to getting the job done.

        We carry out all types of electrical work, both for home and business users. We are one of Manchester's most reputable and respected electrical contractors.

        We've been trading for over 30 years and our personnel are some of the most highly skilled, qualified electricians in Manchester. You can be sure that when you call us out, you will receive an excellent value-for-money service.

        Enquiry Form

        Contact Phone
        Email Address
        Please type 2468

        We are fully insured | All work guaranteed

        manchester electrical fault finding
        Fault Finding
        We use the latest technology to find faults.

        manchester electrical inspections
        Testing and Inspection
        We can test and inspect your electrical systems.

        manchester PAT testing
        PAT Testing
        We are registered to carry out PAT testing

        manchester rewiring
        We can carry out complete and partial rewires.

        manchester electrical installations
        We can install new electrical systems at home or business

        manchester electric cooker installations
        We can install your cookers and ovens.

        manchester electric show installations
        We can install all makes of electric showers.

        manchester cctv and alarm installations
        CCTV and Security Alarms
        We supply and install various alarm and CCTV systems.

        manchester 3 phase work
        3 Phase Work
        We are licenced to carry out 3 Phase work on your property.

        nic eic domestic installer manchester

        Electrician Manchester

        Manchester Electrical Contractors
        Rewires | Installation | Testing and Inspection

        nic eic approved contractor manchester
        manchester reputable electrician
        • Fault Finding
        • Testing and Inspection
        • PAT Testing
        • Rewires
        • Installations
        • Cookers and Showers
        • CCTV and Alarm Systems
        • 3 Phase Work
        • NO JOB TOO SMALL
        PK Electrical & Data Services Ltd
        Newhouse Road
        OL10 2NR

        Telephone: 01706 368984
        Mobile: 07977 107822
        Email: info@pkelectricals.co.uk
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